Tuesday, February 9, 2016

High end wedding photography

When I started shooting weddings, I'd been an advertising photographer for 15 years, and when clients saw their wedding pictures, they realized they hadn't seen this level of photography before.
I've been capturing romantic images of couples for over a decade, take a look at these romantic couples and if you want to be the next, call me +91 9820047990

Bharat Mirchandani is an award winning photographer with over 25+ years experience. 
Contact Bharat: askmir@gmail.com +919820047990 you can see more of his work here https://www.facebook.com/mumbai.weddings/

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  1. Stunning and great wedding shoots. Thanks for sharing such a professional photo. I think you know that if you want to remove background from any of these photos then clipping path service is very helpful for you.